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疫情后的企业复苏系列研究3:Responding to coronavirus - Nerve Center

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A survey from McKinsey indicates 42% of companies believe that an integrated response system can help businesses make a global decision under crisis. Nerve center is an agile body, which combines crucial resources and capabilities through organizational lines that provide senior leaders with the speedy, structural, and accurate information to make effective responses to the crisis. In this chapter, we are going to learn how does nerve center to resolve four challenges under the heavy pressure and economy crisis, which include customer engagement, workforce protection, financial stress, and supply chain stabilization.


根据麦肯锡公司的调研发现,有42%的企业认为有效的相应体系对企业的发展十分重要,尤其是在新冠肺炎疫情下,企业的运营复苏离不开组织间的通力合作。Nerve Center 是一个以敏捷管理为核心的组织结构,其原理是通过资源和信息的整合,快速形成一套问题的解决方案。本次调研,我们将带你了解Nerve Center的结构和各项组织的职责,用以解决客户流失、劳动力保护、财务压力和供应链稳定的问题。

2.Nerve Center结构分析

Senior Leader Group

The senior leader group is the head of the nerve center. The purpose of the group is to process feedback information from projects and make responses to other groups, acting as a single source of the working standardization. Members of the senior leadership group should contain c-suite leader, healthcare expert and project manager Organizations should command all of the necessary resources that support the project operation of the other four teams. The team’s responsibilities can be summarized as follows:

Acting as the single source of work standardization.

Deploy resources sufficiently where and when needed.

Help other groups make project plan and remedial actions.


Senior leader group (高级领导小组)是Nerve Center 的核心。其目的是项目运营中的反馈数据,制定快速回应策略。其中很重要的一点是,整个企业的运营模式和标准均来源于这个团队,也就是说SLG的职业之一是建立一套易理解和可操作的执行标准。组织需要为这个团队提供所有需要的资源。该团队的核心成员包括企业高管(C级别,例如CEO),医疗专家和当前项目的管理者。团队的主要职责包括:制定统一的运营方案、处理反馈数据和制定项目补救措施。

Workforce Protection

For most organizations, companies can’t be expected to reign during the COVID-19 outbreak. Organizations need to create a healthy and safe guideline for employees. The plan must be flexible enough to adapt to changing environments. The most helpful workforce-protection models should provide clear and simple languages to process the issues from health, data security, and legal. The model should also provide manages with an evaluation standard to support them to deal with any quickly evolving situation. The workforce protection group should contain the headers of human resources, ombudsman, information security consultants, and legal consultants.

The team’s responsibilities can be summarized as follows:

Develop brief policy papers, evaluation standards, and communication trees.

Manage two-way communication channels, including a feedback channel and reporting channel.

Interact with third-party organizations, such as legal consultants, security consultants, and real-estate contractors.

Create a virtual communication platform that enables employees to report issues speedy.

Help manage productivity, such as use staggered work times, social-distancing norms, and daily health checks.

Engage with government and health officials.



Supply Chain Stabilization

Organizations should define the quality of the supply chain (include tire-one, tire-two, and tire-three suppliers), include community production, transmission, and inventory levels. We should focus on immediate stabilization. To support logistics reopening, companies should also make a bridge strategy, such as supply rationing, demand prediction, after-sales services, pre-booking system, and priority status for suppliers. Supply chain stabilization team should include the header of procurement, supply-chain managers, logistic managers, and regional (supply chain) quality managers. The team’s responsibilities can be summarized as follows:

Support restarts for suppliers (tire-1, tire-2, and tire-3). Manage orders and ensure the qualifications of new suppliers.

Manage capacities and pre-orders. Optimize the supply chain routes.

Identify critical parts and create a emergent response channel for regional suppliers.

Develop the sales and operations plan for SKU (Stock Keeping Unit – an inventory forecasting tool) demand.



Customer Engagement

Companies that often succeed because they invest core customer segments and understand those segments’ needs and actions. Currently, people have dramatically shifted purchase behavior that toward to online shipping for all types of goods. Companies should focus on “blended” service: online shopping + offline experiences + product delivery + after-sales services. The customer engagement group includes the head of sales and marketing (CMO), a financial analyst, and managers for customer interactions and SKUs. The team’s responsibilities can be summarized as follows:

Develop B2B services and scenario-based risk communications.

Interview with the customers to prevent leakage. Data is important for the group make decision. We suggest the group communicates about COVID-19 situations and practices with customers.



Financials Stress Testing

Companies should develop business scenarios tailored to their own contexts. Organizations should model the financials (cash flow, profit, and loss, balance sheet) in each scenario and identify their advantages and gaps. For each trigger in scenarios, companies should create a moving plan to stabilize the business operation. The plan could be the optimizing accounts payable and receivable, cost-reduction measures, and divestment or M&A actions. The financial stress team should include CFO, leader of strategic (or business) development, the leader of accounts (treasury), legal consultants, and financial analysts. The team’s responsibilities can be summarized as follows:

Create a financial plan based on the latest epidemiological and economic outlooks.

Provide data analytical report for different scenarios, especially the capital requirements.




从下一期开始,我么将深入行业发展趋势,并结合Nerve Center 的特性来深入分析产业经济复苏的战略。你讲学习到旅游、美妆、制造、医疗等产业的发展困境和机遇。企业又将如何使用 Nerve Center来处理数据“信号”,尽情期待。

本期主题的参考文献:Responding to coronavirus: The minimum viable nerve center. Published by McKinsey & Company; Author: Mihir Mysore and Ophelia Usher

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